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Bali Destination Wedding Planning & Design

Time to Write a New Chapter in Your Love Story

True Style, Vision, and Personality

Your true style, vision, and personality should be woven throughout your wedding day, and you should have access to personable and detail-oriented planning for a flawless wedding that flows smoothly.

At Bali Tie d’ Knot, we meticulously plan and execute Bali weddings with professionalism and warmth, so everywhere you turn your love story unfolds.

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Our Story

We understand what makes a perfect wedding, your dreams, style, and personal tastes, which are the foundation of an amazing ceremony.

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Discover the tales of romance in Bali - the one-of-a-kind weddings we brought to life, and the joy we brought to others.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Tailored to Your Taste
We bring your vision to life in a truly memorable wedding day in Bali - a wedding that tell your love story